Why pay someone to edit your work?

You’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into your research (often literally), and you wouldn’t be doing it if it weren’t important and exciting. If your article or grant application is well written, readers and reviewers are more likely to understand your research and why it’s important. That can lead to more publications, citations, and funding. So, working with an experienced editor to improve the language and “readability” of your manuscript or grant application is a smart investment!

Moreover, an experienced editor with a strong background in scientific research knows the science lingo and can help you communicate your research results accurately to many different audiences. A writer with a scientific background also understands how much of your life has gone into this research and exactly how important it is to communicate the information effectively and accurately every time. Please continue reading to find out how I can help you communicate your research accurately and effectively.


Editing Services for Grant Applications

In addition to editing grant applications for basic grammar and “readability,” I strive to ensure that each one meets the NIH requirements for rigor and reproducibility. By applying the scientific knowledge I gained through my own time at the bench, as well as information culled from reviewer’s responses over the past several years, I can also provide feedback regarding content and organization.


Editing Services for Manuscripts

I will edit your manuscript to ensure clarity and to meet the style of the journal to which you are submitting.


Additional Services (for Grant Applications or Manuscripts):

  1. Literature searches
  2. Fact-checks
  3. Major reformatting or reorganization of text
  4. Extensive word reduction
  5. Reformatting of figures and tables
  6. Figure and table production
  7. Reference formatting


To submit an order, or for questions about services or rates, please contact me by email:





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