During a round-table discussion involving patients with breast cancer, I realized that patients — and others without training in health-related sciences — have a deep desire and need to understand what the results of scientific research mean for them.

Unfortunately, research results are often communicated in a language that is understood only by other scientists in that specific field.

This also means that many research results are not being communicated effectively to other scientists and funding organizations, either, leaving critical research unrecognized and unfunded.

How can I help bridge the communication gaps?

I’ve been in your shoes. My doctoral dissertation research focused on elucidating the molecular functions of the brain protein centaurin alpha. My postdoctoral research focused on designing and investigating the immunotherapeutic potential of retargeted adenovirus-based vectors for treating breast cancer and melanoma. So, I have scientific experience in a range of fields.

Perhaps most importantly, I can communicate the details of biological research effectively to a variety of audiences. During my time at the bench, I published several first-author manuscripts and won numerous awards for poster and oral presentations given to scientific and general audiences. My experience as an adjunct college professor and professional editor has sharpened my communication skills as well. So, I can make sure your target audience understands the research.

I can help you by providing writing and editing that is clear, accurate, and on time.

I have extensive bench and writing experience in the following fields:

  • Cellular and molecular biology
  • Oncology
  • Immunology
  • Gene therapy
  • Neurobiology


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