Why a blog?

A blog?

A blog.



‘cause you need some friends now…


Frustrated at computer
What I look like before Tom's help!

That’s the conversation I had with my business/IT consultant-at least the way I interpreted it. (If you didn’t grow up listening to the Monkees, you can find the real song here-I won’t sing if for you).


By the way, my business/IT consultant, Tom Terenyi, is really good if you need one. He taught me how to create this website, and if you know me, you know that’s pretty impressive. He’ll make you blog, though. Maybe even Tweet. He’s going to have to work very hard to get me to do that, though.


So, here I am. Blogging.


But what on earth do I have to blog about?? I went through the obvious list:


·         amazing kids

·         sick kids

·         old house money pit

·         no-money woes, etc.


But, there are too many good blogs about all those already, even though our kids really are more amazing than everyone else’s.


Then, as I was researching some health-related information for my mom, I realized that is what I have to share! 

Unhappy child with veggies
She would be happier if those had butter


So, this blog will focus mainly on translating medical/health-related research into language that everyone can understand. It will be a little like what you find on WebMD, but smaller, more personal, and humorous (I hope). 


Let’s face it–it seems that most of the research just confirms that everything we do (except exercise) and eat (except organic broccoli) is making us sick. So, why not drizzle a little butter on that information?  (I prefer cheese, but the pun was too obvious.)      


Soo…if you’re interested in the information, please be my friend and follow this blog!


Any topics you want to discuss? Let me know in the comments section!