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You’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into your research (often literally), and you wouldn’t be doing it if it weren’t important and exciting.


If your article or grant application is well written, readers and reviewers are more likely to understand your research and why it’s important. That can lead to more publications, citations, and funding!


So, letting an experienced editor improve the language and “readability” of your manuscript or grant application is a smart investment!



Basic Editing ($0.06/word)

Extensive Editing (contact for rates)

May include the following:

  1. Literature searches
  2. Fact-checks
  3. Major grammatical editing (often necessary to correct non-native English)
  4. Addition or deletion of content as necessary for reading comprehension
  5. Major reformatting or reorganization
    1. reorganization of section placement
    2. reorgnization of information within sections to improve clarity
  1. Extensive word reduction
  2. Reformatting of text, figures or tables


Figure and Table Production (contact for rates)

Reference Formatting with Endnote or Reference Manager (contact for rates)


Writing and Other Consulting Services (contact for rates)


  • Grant writing (from author-provided outline)
  • Manuscript writing (from author-provided outline)
  • 501(k) Submissions
  • White pages
  • Literature searches
  • Fact checking
  • Press releases
  • Medical news articles
  • Poster presentations
  • Slide sets





ORDER RETURN TIME (for editing)

  • Regular orders will be completed and returned within 6 days (less if possible)
  • Rush orders will be completed and returned within 3 days (35% additional charge)


To submit an order, or for questions about services or rates, please contact me by email: