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  • Centers and individual investigators at academic research institutions
    • References available upon request
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Writing Samples

For UAB Magazine
Informative articles for a general audience describing the results of health-related research conducted at the University of Alabama at Birmingham




Informative articles on health-related topics for a general audience


Medical News Sample


Peer-reviewed Articles 

  • Thacker EE, et al. (2009) A Genetically Engineered Adenovirus Vector Targeted to CD40 Mediates Selective Transduction of Canine Dendritic Cells and Promotes Antigen-Specific Th-1 Biased Immune Responses In Vivo. Vaccine 27:7116.
  • Thacker EE, et al. (2009) Strategies to Overcome Host Immunity to Adenovirus Vectors in Vaccine Development. Expert Rev Vaccine 8:761.


Book Chapter 

  • Thacker EE, and Curiel DT. Retargeting Adenovirus for Cancer Gene Therapy. In: Roth, J. ed. Gene-based Therapies for Cancer. Springer Science (2010).



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